Anton Senderov Shares His Tips on Flipping Properties

Do you think you want to be the kind of real estate investor who brings in returns fast? Are you not a fan of locking in your money for years before you gain any profits? If that’s the case, property flipping could just be the right thing for you. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are making money this way but you have to learn a few things before you can do it successfully and the best advice on this matter comes from Anton Senderov, who is a well-known figure in the world of real estate investments.

According to Anton Senderov, you must not start with unrealistic expectations because that’s what most people have when they start flipping properties. A lot of people enter this type of investment only so they can make money faster. However, here are the most important Anton Senderov’s tips on flipping properties if you are thinking about starting.

Know the History of the House

You must know the house really well before you even think about selling it. It would sound shocking to you but in the world of real estate, the history of a house matters a lot because people believe in things that might sound absurd to you. Have people been coming in and going from this house too often? Does this house have a history that the people living in the neighborhood know? If that’s the case, you are going to have a hard time selling the house. It might look great from how well it is built and how great it looks from the outside, but if it has stories associated with it, you will have a hard time selling it.

Do know that people who are on the lookout for a house confirm with the people living in the surroundings. So, if there is anything suspicious about the house that neighbors know, they will tell the potential buyers about it.

Be Very Vigilant with Your Calculations

You have to be very careful with how you calculate your costs of buying and flipping the property. You either have to use some sort of software tool or a very strict regimen to keep track of your expenses on the house. You can’t just look at the house and say that this is how much I am going to spend and this is how much I expect in return. According to Anton Senderov, calculations on flipped properties are not as easy as most people think. You have to cover many costs in addition to the renovations you perform after buying the house.

Secondly, the gas you spend on every single visit you pay to the house has to be considered your expense. You are not going to recover your expenses only when you sell this house. You are going to recover your expenses and then make some profit on top of that. Do you think the property can generate that type of value?

Prepare the Strongest Pitch

Prepare a strong pitch that you are going to use in front of every potential buyer. You have to know the strengths of not only the property you are selling but also its neighborhood. In other words, can you sell this house? Can you write an advertisement that you think will get potential buyers interested in the house. People are very picky about buying homes so you have to give them more than one reason to buy the house. So, make sure you know this property inside out. Practice with someone you know so you can answer the questions impromptu when you are asked.

Final Thoughts

Anton Senderov has always been key speaker on the issues that most new investors face when they enter real estate investments. He thinks property flipping is attracting more people to real estate today than any other form of investment. However, he believes that you have to be extra careful with this venture because you can lose money as fast in it as you can make it.